Panihati Cida-Dahi Danda Mahotsav

Ganga safari

Chida dhadhi is a 5 centuries old festival in which Nityananda prabhu with his entourage came and bestowed his mercy upon the Raghunath das goswami, in which first day is ganga thithi in the worship of mother Ganga. Totally there will be 1000 devotees going through 2 boats reaching Bagbazar gaudiya math with full of kirtan and lectures. Relevant topics will be discussed in the journey which brings lots of happiness to gathered congregation. One more attraction is ‘prasadam’ the sanctified vegetarian food that is going to be served in the boat. A gorgeous Ganga arathi will be held. It’s a transcendental journey in which ganga matha’s glorification will be heard and discussed by the gathering devotees. This year many vaishnava leaders of ISKCON are expected to be present in the festival including Governing Body Commission Chairman HH Bhakti Charu Swamy Maharaj. People are waiting eagerly to hear nectarean words of His Holiness.


This year second day event is called as Shravanotsav which falls on Pandava nirjala Ekadhashi. The whole event will be spent on ‘Hearing the nectarian krishna katha’ accompanied by sankirtan. The event will be graced by senior ISKCON orators like Kamalapathi prabhu, Govindanandan prabhu etc. The program begins at 9’o clock with melodious kirtan until 1’o clock followed by lectures on pastimes of chida dhadhi festival by HG kamalapathi prabhu. This will be followed by a small break of kirtan and at 4’o clock there will be a lecture again by HG Govindanandan prabhu. This will be followed by a lecture by Kolkata temple youth preacher HG Ananga mahan das brahmachari prabhu then followed by sandhya arati which will be followed by a lecture on ekadhashi importance and the deep-daan . This way Sravanotasav will be celebrated.

Food festival

This year third day event is called Food festival which falls on Dwadhashi in which sumptuous prasadam will be distributed to the gathered thousands of devotees around the world. One more attraction will be the cultural performance by ‘Prahlad Garden School’. This year 50 cooks are going to serve 3000 devotees a whooping 50 items on the occasion. The coupons are required to be procured from the office in time. Various stalls will be erected in due course of time. Fire brigade has been called in advance for fire protection. Rest is assured, safety first, well being second, satisfaction third.

Chida dhahi

This fourth day event called chida dhadhi festival will fall on trayodashi day of Bengali calendar. The
day begins with carrying Bhoga Bhandar to the mahotsavtala by the temple brahmacharis. This will
be followed by prasadam distribution to the assembled devotees, which will go on for the rest of the
day. Soon after this momento distribution will be held to the Gita marathon participants. A stage
will be erected for the cultural event’s management such as drama depicting the pastimes around the chida dhadhi festivals and many more. Then a discourse will be held upon the topics concerning the festival, which will be followed by kirtan for the rest of the day. This year we are expecting around 50,000 devotees’ participation.

Kirtan mela

The final day program falls on caturdashi day of Bengali calendar.
A melodious kirtan and sumptuous prasadam are the attraction of the day.

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