Celibacy in spiritual life

Celibacy term in Indian culture and spirituality is as old as culture and scriptures itself. There is an ample example of all the sages as to how they have maintained their stock of semen in their body without spilling it out except at the time of sex for procreation and so they never indulged in sex for recreation. Then there are examples of sages like Vishwamitra who failed in their austere life of tapasya by engaging with celestial girl illicit sex. 

As for as modern generation is concerned it’s all about eat and merry and enjoy at the cost of once own vital sexual energy called semen. This being the case, there could be no way of celibacy maintenance and hence there could be no spirituality at all. The most heinous way of braking celibacy is masturbation indeed. There are four ashrams recommended for everybody in society born in Aryan Vedic family. They are Brahmacarya(celibate), Grahastha(house-holder), Vanaprastha(retired), and Sanyasa(renounced). Except in Grahastashrama there is absolutely no sex entertained at all in any case and in Grahasthashrama sex is permitted only for procreation and strictly not for otherwise. If anyone else failed to practice celibacy he will be shown compassion or will be rejected at once. Let us discuss the thing called masturbation and measures to prevent them.

Masturbation is the one thing that most of the unmarried person out there do and nobody wants to speak about it or afraid of speaking about it. Most of the victims knowing it as wrong try to struggle very hard to prevent it yet they fail. Doctors say that there is nothing wrong in it. They say that there are so many fluids in body and taking it out will not cause any harm to the body and creation in body happens again anyway. Then there are motivational speakers who say that masturbation in itself is nothing wrong. Then there are philosophers who say one can reach state of Samadhi by practicing the act of masturbation. These are the people who cannot curb the very act and so philosophise it. 

Making it a culture. If any act to be done multiply in any particular sequence then mind grasps it as a habit. Same things hold good as for as masturbation is concerned. Most of victims repeatedly does that simply because they can not stop them at any cost which means it has become a habit. 

Masturbation -Right or wrong. Answer is simple and straight forward. It’s wrong. May liberalist not agree but it’s wrong indeed. Nature has given an in-built system in our body that whenever we do something wrong a feeling of guilt has been built into our system. This is there to maintain the morality of the system. Interestingly this guilt feeling reduces with each and every offence. Research says that even the animals feels morose after discharging semen. It means discharging semen is an un-natural activity.

Spilling out. There are two kinds of fluids in our body that either needs to be spilled out or to be maintained within the body. There are fluids such as stools, urine, puss etc which needs to be removed and then there are fluids in our body such as blood, marrow, semen etc needs to be maintained. According to Ayur Veda  eighty drops of blood makes one drop of semen. Scriptures says that loss of semen is the biggest loss one has to encounter in life.

Spiritual energy. The semen stays in our body in the form of spiritual energy. Those who does not discharge semen, it stays in a vapour form on the body helping to maintain Vibrancy, spiritual acumen, longevity of life, intelligence. Those who discharge semen for recreation make the loss all the above mentioned aspects, most importantly discharge of spiritual acumen. This makes one to be an idiot at understanding spiritual concepts. Alongside the diseases starts attacking the body. It is also said that one who discharges his semen regularly makes his old age very miserable. Therefore for cheap enjoyment we should not discharge semen at any cost including psychologically, physically, spiritually. Our education and mass media needs to be awakened to the facts as mentioned above to make one to retain the vital fluid called semen.

 curbing masturbation. The solutions can be stated as follows 

Reveal your mind: whenever we can we need to go to Krishna Conscious devotee and need to reveal our mind so that we can get solutions and feel soothened.  The devotee must be matured in Krishna Conscious and need to keep secrecy. That devotee even may pray for your help in utter surrender to almighty. 

Stay away from smart phones. The smart phones are smart by  themselves but makes living beings dull. There is huge competition in internet market as to who will provide cheaper and unlimited data but mind will always find a way to misuse the package. Also try to find a qwerty key enabled non smart phone.

Use internet only in public area. We should not use internet privately because mind will drag to pornography in any case. We may delete the history but history formed in the mind will not go away.

Intense Spiritual practice. Without replacing a lower joy with something of higher joy of Krishna Consciousness it’s nearly impossible to achieve the intended success. With the strength of Krishna Conscious particularly chanting the holy name Hare Krishna maha mantra we can easily defeat the urge for masturbation, whenever it arises.

Cover well before you sleep. The more faintly we covered more aggravation of lust we are going to feel when we are sleeping. Also we need to read divine literatures like bhagavad gita for a while before we sleep. This creates satvik environment.

Never sleep in pitch darkness. Let there be a zero watt bulb so that we can be of the feeling that somebody can come and see us at any moment. Also let there be a nice soft divine music if it’s okay for us.

Garbage inn garbage out: Whatever we eat has the significant impact on our outward feelings that we express all the time. It’s recommended to eat diets which are satviks in nature which are offered to the lord for his pleasure and hence it becomes divine. Eating these foods one gets only divine thoughts all the time.

Conquer lust by love. We can only conquer lust which is the root cause of the masturbation by having a pure love which is not in bodily platform instead in soul platform which we can have only with the Almighty lord, Krishna or Vishnu.

Higher goals. Whenever we live with the higher purpose of serving the almighty Lord and also society, we live in a higher consciousness of selflessness. With this we can easily conquer the act lust which is selfish centred. 

Don’t flirt. With the every act flirting with the opposite sex we contemplates more and more on lust which leads to the masturbation. Attraction in this material world between opposite sex is natural but to entertain it or not is the thing in our hands. Whenever we encounter an opposite sex which arouses us we need to loudly say that “You don’t belong to me; I don’t belong to you; we belong to the almighty lord.

Prayerful . Whenever we are prayerful at our full surrender to the almighty Lord regarding the detachment from lust then we will be shown a light in our path of daily life. Prayers work that way.

   After hearing all these preventive steps even then there is a possibility of falling down to previous habits resorting to masturbation. But we should not give up the spirit of fighting this act of lust expression in the form of masturbation. If somebody successfully fights and wins the game then the mercy of the lord will begin to flow in the form radiant aura of that person.  

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